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Multi-Plug Exchangeable Plug for Audio

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-Customers Will Have a DIY Ability to Solder the Terminal with Cable-



The Multi-Plug gives customers a solution to adapt their cable to different DAPs, which, our products are sold in sets, with one set including the terminal for cable soldering, a 2.5mm, a 3.5mm, and a 4.4mm connector.   


Our product has great size as well as performance: the Multi-Plug is currently the smallest of the kind, with the size of 20mm in length, similar to that of an Oyaide 3.5mm plug. The impedance of our product is also the smallest: about 3.5mOhms, which is about 3 to 4 times better than that of our competitors. 


The plug has no vulnerable parts outside the shell, and all connections between the terminal and the plug are protected. Audio-grade material is used to achieve a great sound performance. 


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Multi-Plugは世界最小交換できるオーディオプラグの自信があります。 特注パーツを使って、中にはリード線使っていない、従来の製品に比べて利便性、電気的性能は大幅に改善しています。長さは僅か20mm(trsプラグ除く)で、オヤイデのプラグと同じ大きさです。DCRは僅か4mOhm(平均値)で、同類製品は基本的15mOhmぐらいです。 


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