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Next-Generation OE High-Performance USB Cable

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Compact structural design

Maintains a thin cable thickness while significantly upgrading internal structural and materials.

* Pure Silver Conductors

* Medical-Grade TPE Sheath

* Soft and Durable


USB2.0 Standard Cable

Unlike ordinary HiFi OTG cables, which are often made from standard braiding wire lacking sufficient shielding and not meeting the 90 Ohm characteristic impedance for USB2.0 cables.


USB Specification 2.0 defines two differential signal lines (D, D-) to transmit high-speed digital signals, the highest transmission rate of 480Mbps.The differential voltage on these lines is 400mV, the characteristic impedance (Zdif) is 90Ω (1±0.1). Characteristic impedance is important to the integrity of high-speed digital signals because impedance affects the eye diagram of a differential signal, signal bandwidth, signal power, and interference voltage on the signal line.


Newly Developed USB Cable for Hifi Audio

90 Ohm characteristic impedance.

Complex but necessary shielding that meets UL813 standards.

Complex but necessary shielding that meets UL813 standards.


  • The signal wire use 99.999% high-purity silver conductor which produced through the purification process.


  • Insulated with foamed polyethylene, featuring low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss to reduce the effects of parasitic capacitance and inductance.


  • The power wire use 24.5 AWG annealed OFC conductor, insulated with high-performance Teflon.


Differential signal wire pair and power wires are isolated from each other to reduce the interference significantly.


Wires are meticulously layered to maintain a concentric circular cross-section,


The concentrically structure keeps flexibility while simulating the performance of a solid round conductor.


The conductors are regularly layered with no radial displacement, ensuring that inner wires never cross to the outer layer


The cross-section more closely a complete circle, and the high-frequency signals passes through the outer wires.


The conductors are tightly and orderly arranged with small gaps between wires, allowing for more conductors per unit diameter.


P-Purified Process

The surface of high-purity conductor materials continuously oxidizes after production.


Use physical methods to clean surface of the conductor before wire drawing and polishing the surface to a micron-level finish.


Liquid protection is used during wire drawing to prevent oxidation from air exposure. After the conductors are twisted into cables, they are immediately sealed and sent to the next step in production.


Customized low capacitance USB connectors have passed the high-frequency and high-voltage test to meet the needs for high-quality digital signal transmission.


  • All cable are soldered with audio -specific  silver-containing solder
  • One-piece cast shell
  • Dual-molded injection molding process
  • Lightweight and durable.



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