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OEAudio MPC Cable with Plug Adapters

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What can you buy with $24.99, a 15 Inch Pizza? Or 30 Pieces of fried chicken wings? Here at OEAudio Shop, with our Black Friday Sales, you are able to purchase our latest MPC cable for only $24.99, and 2 audio plug adapters are Included in the price.

The cable offers a sound that is neutral, with all frequencies enhances. With the MPC cable, you are able to enjoy your music with more details than ever before. Besides, we have added support to all the main DAPs by including 2 plug adapters in the package! 

This is a pre-sale, and orders will be shipped within a month after your purchase.


Length: 1.2m

Adapter Length: 10cm

Cords: 4

Material: OE High Purity OFC Cable 28AWG

Process: Molded

Connectors: MMCX/2Pin


2 USD Global Shipping, arrives 7-14 Days after Dispatch.

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Malfunction products will be replaced by OEAudio. Items cannot be returned after usage.